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A Sustainable Competitive Advantage Essay

Tasks Management is a key part in the accomplishment of any ï ¬ rm. The textbookâ outlines ten basic regions to concentrate on for Operational Managersâ€many ï ¬ rms have built up these a couple of these regions into an upper hand. One ï ¬ rm, Anhueser-Busch/InBev has effectively joined each of the ten territories of center and formed them into an inheritance of value and an economical upper hand. This attention on Operations Managemnt has lead to Ab/InBev’s notoriety for quality, and their proceeded with predominance as a worldwide distillery. Plan of Goods The structure of products/administrations deï ¬ nes a ï ¬ rm, and sets them up for progress (or disappointment) inâ the advertise. So as to structure an unrivaled item, ï ¬ rms must ï ¬ rst comprehend their customer†what their needs and prerequisites are. Anheuser-Busch/InBev has concentrated on building up a differing arrangement of worldwide brands to fulfill a bunch of client needs; a couple of their all the more as of late created brews are really founded on client recommendations and plans. The AB/InBev portfolio ranges from minimal effort items, for example, Busch (which centers around a costleadership procedure), while residential brands, for example, Budweiser and Bud Light are a power to be dealt with in the North American markets. Different brands, for example, Hoeegarden and Leffe offer to make brew shoppers just as worldwide markets (a separation system). By tweaking items to different customer tastes, they can acquire more noteworthy piece of the overall in dustry around the world. Stomach muscle/InBev’s unique brew, Budweiser, was created during the 1800s by the company’sâ founder, Adolphus Busch set out to make a lager that decent ï ¬â€šavor and refreshment†something that everybody could appreciate. This comprehension of client needs, joined with a promise to quality consistency despite everything exist in the organization today, which adds to the general supportability of the organization. Overseeing Quality As referenced above, AB/InBev makes a point to consolidate quality into their individualâ productsâ€by fastidiously dealing with their gracefully chain, they can control the general nature of contribution just as their items. Their duty to convention is the reason for their promise to quality; a considerable lot of the fixings they use while preparing today’s brew originate from a similar heredity as the fixings Adolphus Busch utilized, thinking back to the 1800s. Since AB/InBev legitimately claims the homesteads where the bounces, rice and grain are developed, by guaranteeing the nature of the fixings, they guarantee quality and consistency in each group of lager. Abdominal muscle/InBev offers quality to shoppers by offering a broad line of productsâ€theyâ improved on their Lime-o-Rita line by offering extra ï ¬â€šavors. There is fabricating based quality in their productsâ€each group of Budweiser is blended to indistinguishable guidelines from the last, in this manner guaranteeing that every individual jug tastes on a par with the last. Procedure and Capacity Design By keeping up a procedure centered methodology, AB/InBev has made a sustainableâ competitive advantageâ€their one of a kind setup of items all rotate around a similar quality fixings. Less sources of info (jumps, rice, grain, and so forth.) all distil down to an assortment of value items that AB/InBev uses to fulfill their client needs. This high volume, low assortment creation technique takes into account the efï ¬ ciency expected to deliver the mass amounts of item that AB/InBev requests. A basic visit to the AB/InBev distillery makes an away from of their responsibility to theâ product-centered strategyâ€their offices are structured speciï ¬ cally to oblige the assortment of items they have made. This speciï ¬ city and effortlessness lead to bring down factor costs per unit, higher gear usage, and in general simpler creation arranging. Despite the fact that switchingâ production lines between items can be somewhat of a problem, the specialization of work decreases lead time and arrangement costs for every creation run. Area Strategy The primary central station of AB/InBev are right now situated in St. Louis, Missouri, whereâ they were initially settled in the mid 1800s. Despite the fact that the merger among AnheuserBusch and InBev in 2008 could have effortlessly implied thatâ headquarters would be moved, moving creation somewhere else would have been extraordinarily expensive. In light of the company’s long-standing habitation in the Midwest, numerous providers are likewise situated in the Midwest. Moving the bottling works would have not just expanded transportation/dealing with expenses of the different data sources, yet additionally the grounds that AB/InBev at present involves is currently claimed inside and out by the companyâ€attempting to manufacture another creation office would have been a signiï ¬ cant cost of capital. The bottling works in St. Louis is unquestionably a notable milestone inside the city, yet it is notâ the just distillery that AB/InBev possesses and works. Since the interest for AB/InBev items is so across the board, the distillery works 12 distinctive preparing and packaging plants all through the United States. These areas help guarantee the newness and in general nature of the item conveyed to different markets across the nation, just as help decrease the expenses of moving item from producer to distributer. Format Strategy! Since AB/InBev offers very nearly 200 extraordinary items, format technique is incrediblyâ important in staying with the competitiveâ€efï ¬ cient and compelling utilization of room guarantees that things keep on running easily. At the bottling works in St. Louis, two or three distinct designs can be seen. Storehouses at theâ entrance to the grounds store the different fixings expected to blend the lagers, while peripheral structures twofold as ofï ¬ ce space and capacity of different segments, (for example, bottles, jars, marks, and so forth.). By utilizing a warehousing/stockpiling design for specific things, things that are utilized most ordinarily during creation are near to, in this manner saving money on postage costs. The lager that is blended in St. Louis is packaged nearby. The packaging lines follow aâ product-arranged layoutâ€for model, glass bottles for Bud Light are gone through one lot of lines, while jars of Bud Light are gone through a different arrangement of lines.

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Select an international organization with subsidiaries and examine the Essay

Select a universal association with auxiliaries and analyze the activities of the firm in at any rate two diverse countrie - Essay Example Seattle, USA is the central station of Starbucks Coffee Company. The organization works in excess of 60 nations where it has in excess of 18,000 stores and recording colossal development (â€Å"Starbucks Corporation† 1). The organization has a corporate strategic rouse and support the human soul †one individual, each cup and one neighborhood in turn (Bruhn-Hansen 19). Starbucks Coffee Company offers different items and administrations, which incorporate espresso, warm, and cold refreshments, premium and sell plates of mixed greens, books, blessings among different frill (â€Å"Starbucks Corporation† 1). The organization appreciates a tremendous upper hand and positive going concern since it has a wide market arrange, gives a wide scope of items, and severely dislikes quality in its tasks. All the more along these lines, Starbucks Coffee Company is a critical player and has a wide client base in the espresso other mix drinks industry. The organization acknowledges c orporate social obligation through its system and practices (Bruhn-Hansen 19). Also, since the organization works in different nations, it is inclined to social impact and influences the lives of numerous individuals over the globe. Starbucks Coffee Company works in the worldwide business condition where it represents considerable authority in the espresso other mix drinks industry. ... To be sure, Starbucks Coffee Company has a corporate social obligation that tries to accomplish supportability and upgrade the lives of its quick society. For example, the Starbucks Foundation advances proficiency levels among kids by building schools for the Starbuck’s people group (â€Å"Starbucks† 1). Moreover, the organization has an ecological procedure that looks to save the condition that holds the tasks of the organization (Bruhn-Hansen 42). In the worldwide business condition, Starbucks receives advertise division where it wants to contend on comfort instead of on accommodation in the upper-size of the espresso showcase (Mourdoukoutas, 2013, p. 1). The organization has different partners, which fall into three classifications that incorporate essential partners, optional partners, and open partners (Bruhn-Hansen, 2012, p. 19). In particular, the partners are the investors, governments, and government offices in have nations, clients, providers, workers, franchi sees, and non-legislative associations. The partners characterize the company’s activities in the worldwide business condition. By and by, Starbucks Coffee Company faces numerous difficulties in the worldwide market simply like other global associations. Starbucks endures and is yet to recoup the immense misfortunes gathered from the ongoing monetary emergency in Europe (Cameron 1). Additionally, the organization has been confronting the test of shutting down different stores in 2008 where it evaluated the conclusion of 600 stores in the United States (Cameron 1). This influenced the generosity and tasks of the organization. The vast majority of all, Starbucks Coffee Company faces the test of huge rivalry in

The Nine Tailors Commentary free essay sample

In this section from The Nine Tailors by Dorothy L. Sayers, Wimsey, the fundamental character, moves up a chime  ­? tower and perseveres through the stunning vexatious shrills of the chimes. The clangor from the chimes causes him outrageous measures of torment and languishing. All through the section, Wimsey battles to shield the clamor from hurting him as he attempts to move up the tower. Sayers depicts Wimsey’s excruciating circumstance with the utilization of clear sound-related symbolism in regards to the stunning clamor of the chimes and with the utilization of representation to intensify the size of the damaging power of the ringers. She is too ready to make a worried and menacingâ mood in the entry with specification to imitate the relentless vicious nature of the chimes and with a lopsided section structure to pass on pressure and to hinder the account of the story. All through the section, Sayers adds life and substance to the antagonistic sounds utilizing distinctive sound-related symbolism to make a clamorous and vicious scene while depicting Wimsey’s condition of torment as he ascends the stepping stool utilizing. We will compose a custom exposition test on The Nine Tailors Commentary or on the other hand any comparable subject explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page The utilization of representation breathes life into the savage sound creation path for its staggering cost for Wimsey. The ringer  ­? tower comes to and surpasses its breaking point and gets supersaturated, â€Å"drenched and plastered with commotion. † Sayersâ personifies the pinnacle as the commotion makes it â€Å"stagger like an inebriated man†(Sayers 6- ­? 7) transforming into a totally thoughtless hawkish being far away from its ordinary state. Sayers composes of the â€Å"brazen anger of the bells† (Sayers 4- ­? 5) ambushing Wimsey’s ears as he first enters the chime  ­? chamber. An impudent disorganized blast of commotion shocks Wimsey before he even starts ascending the last stepping stool. The â€Å"unendurable piercing clangour†(l. 16) makes the sound-related picture of a persistent high- ­? pitched resounding sound. The sound at that point gets away from the domain of straightforward commotion and crosses into the classification of shear torment as wimsey’s â€Å"ear- ­? drums wereâ cracking. †(l. 14) Any endeavor to obstruct the torment demonstrates vain as the commotion overwhelms Wimsey rendering him powerless against such fierce powers. Sayers thinks about the clamor to a â€Å"sword in the brain†(l. 10), as if the impactful clamor gradually penetrates his skull. Regardless of whether â€Å"pieced through and buffeted† (l. 8) or â€Å"head dizzy[ing] and stomach retch[ing]†(l. 21), Wimsey surrenders and succumbs to the commotion. Also, the agony psychologically affects the character as his â€Å"senses swam away†(l. 14- ­? Michael Abushacra English SL 15) and he appears to be lost in time on the stepping stool blasted by unadulterated unending commotion. One sense, his hearing, gets to such an extent data, that every single other sense appear to dull away and leave him weakened. The clamor and agony likewise causes lost understanding when Wimsey â€Å"felt instead of stepped†(l. 25) onto the rooftop. Shocked, he can't separate his activities rather he just feels with one of his last cognizant faculties. Wimsey’s presentation to the commotion just underlines his shortcoming in the entry demonstrating how a lifeless power causes him so much agony and languishing. It is likewise qualified to take note of the hugeness of the last sentence in the entry. Initially, the â€Å"demoniac clangor†(l. 26) and torment fill the ringer tower yet remotely, the clamor â€Å"transmute[s]†Ã¢ into a concordance. The possibility of equivocalness of outside excellence emerges in sound or feel and whether that magnificence copies inside. What sounds or looks lovely on the outside might be limitlessly more terrible on the inside. Since the impact of the clamor takes such a cost for Wimsey, Sayers assembles pressure in and paving the way to the torment while additionally hindering the account during his excruciating undertaking utilizing movement of occasions, count and a lopsided section structure. Strains work when Wimsey enters the chime chamber making a steady crescendo of occasions. As Wimsey advances toward the ringer chamber, he â€Å"pass[es] sweatingâ ringers†(l. 2- ­? 3) or the components of the chime  ­? chamber. The possibility of â€Å"sweat† fabricates pressure and foretells the approaching passage into the ringer  ­? chamber. Sayers makes a feeling of acceleration before Wimsey enters the ringer  ­? chamber through the notice of sweat or uneasiness and afterward the quick â€Å"brazen fierceness of the bells†(l. 4- ­? 5) that falls onto his ears when his head ascends into the chamber. Once Wimsey enters the chamber, pressures work as he â€Å"clings urgently to the ladder†(l. 8) and afterward feels the blood â€Å"swelling†(l. 11) in his mind to a â€Å"bursting- ­? point†(l. 11) until he at last feels his â€Å"ear- ­? drums†(l. 14) breaking. The undeniable crescendo of situations develops as Sayers goes on to delineates the shear torment Wimsey perseveres. Besides, the impact of the commotion hinders the account as Sayers puts more accentuation on Wimsey’s physical and mental torment. Sayers separates the second when Wimsey ascends the stepping stool and extravagantly communicates the mayhem and brutality. A lopsided passage structure causes and Michael Abushacra English SL underlined this breakdown in story. In the primary shorter section, the account is increasingly liquid as Wimsey advances past the perspiring ringers, â€Å"climb[s] again†(l. 3) and the clamor falls upon him yet not to its full impact. In actuality, in the second passage Sayer’s communicates the full impacts of the commotion on Wimsey which converts into a bigger segment of content containing and exploiting the different sound-related pictures and exemplifications referenced before. In this section, Sayers uses the possibility of count or the posting of various impacts the sound has on the poor kid while composing: â€Å"a granulating, beating, ran- ­? dan, insane, excruciating torment. † (l. 13) This identification stretches the account and includes a feeling of excess integrating with the way that the chimes ring at such a monotonous way, much like the piercing sustainedâ shrill referenced before. The significant impact the ringers have on Wimsey makes him unfit to move and weakened by their boisterous brutal nature, in this way hindering the story and broadening the section size. After the trial, Wimsey exits the chamber onto the rooftop and the pace of the story gets in spite of the fact that remainders of the torment wait are as yet present. Sayers obviously depicts Wimsey’s critical and excruciating circumstance climbing the ringer tower through striking sound-related symbolism and embodiment. Not exclusively do the ringers daze Wimsey however they likewise separate the story and expand the section structure. A solitary momentâ freezes as Sayers extends and dismembers it to uncover the different impacts the ringers have on Wimsey. The possibility of a strict feeling to this entry likewise exists. The referencing of â€Å"demoniac†(l. 26), â€Å"assault of devils†(l. 16) and â€Å"sank over into the pit†(l. 26) unexpectedly alludes to damnation when many chime towers are situated on temples or spots of love. The sound withdraws again into the pinnacle looking like the fallen angel withdrawing over into hellfire. In spite of the fact that religion isn't pervasive all through the whole entry, the possibility of the sound turning into a physical power and hurting someone portrays a heavenly association between the lifeless and the living.

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Globalization of Rydges Hotel Group Sydney

Question: Examine about the Globalization of Rydges Hotel Group Sydney. Answer: Presentation Worldwide accommodation and the travel industry is developing at a quick rate permitting more opportunities(Peters, 2009). Rydges Hotel is an Australian based chain of inns that is engaged in Sydney and different areas in Australia. The Company likewise offers coalition programs with Global Hotel Chains offering remains for its clients in more than 500 worldwide areas. The present point of the business is to decide on universal extension without anyone else to such an extent that it can oblige sightseers outside Australia. The Company is very productive and needs to grow its present ability to outside of the nation. The extent of the present investigation centers around the universal development modes that the Company will embrace for its internationalization system. Foundation of the Problem Rygdes Hotel in Australia is confronting tremendous issue from stagnation in benefits and market extension openings(/, Retrieved on fourth April 2017). In spite of the fact that it has a spread of various lodgings across Australia, New Zealand and UK it is encountering stagnation in development rates contrasted with its earlier years. In the extent of the ongoing industry extension, it is thinking about venturing into creating nations as India, Brazil, Mexico or Indonesia. These nations are at present growing and offering a large group of chances for neighborliness industry to set up and lead their businesses(Hjalager, 2010). The Company will in this way, break down circumstance winning in every one of these nations and afterward receive an appropriate plan of action for venture into these business sectors. Research points and Objectives So as to achieve objectives of the investigation the accompanying exploration points and goals have been designed(Mok, 2013). Research Objective 1: To comprehend the extent of global neighborliness business Research Objective 2: To investigate the perfect market for extension for the momentum accommodation chain Research Objective 3: To examine the global extension technique that will be embraced by the brand Research Objective 4: To comprehend the hindrances and chances of passage Philosophy An examination approach is the most basic piece of any undertaking that permits the researcher to grow course of action(Cline, 2011). For the ebb and flow explore subjective and quantitative information will be gathered and broke down. The information will be both of essential and auxiliary nature. Essential information, which is direct information, will be gathered by methods for interviews, studies, surveys and different techniques. Optional information will be gathered by methods for papers, web sources, diaries, books, organization magazines, etc. As auxiliary information unwavering quality can't be evaluated effectively every one of such information will be verified(Time, 2012). So as to achieve look into targets pertinent information from every one of the nation will be gathered and dissected. These gathered information will give bits of knowledge with respect to the common full scale financial powers and industry conditions. When information in regards to every nation has been ordered then a reasonable worldwide passage system into these nations will be found out which will give greatest measures of income to the parent Company(Silverman, 2016). End The exploration point and strategy permits determining legitimate heading to the extent of the examination work. From the system legitimate discoveries and examination can be learned which will empower the Company to choose the appropriate nation of extension just as the section mode for development. While these creating nations give massive open doors there stays appropriate dangers from the equivalent with respect to their political, monetary and social situation, likewise industry conditions predominant in every nation is discrete. the extent of this examination will permit to discover scope for worldwide development for the Company. References / (Recovered on fourth April 2017). Organization Profile . Cline, R. (2011). Information assortment strategies. . Prologue to the Pharmacy Business Administration Series. Hjalager, A. M. (2010). A survey of advancement look into in the travel industry. The travel industry the executives, 1-12. Mok, C. S. (2013). Administration quality administration in neighborliness, the travel industry, and relaxation. . Routledge. Dwindles, M. F. (2009). The significance of way of life business enterprise: A calculated investigation of the travel industry. 393-405: Pasos. Silverman, D. e. (2016). Subjective research. Sage. Time, C. (2012). Information Collection Methods. . Survey of Sociology, 225-249.

Parking on Campus Essay -- essays research papers

 â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â Stopping on Campus is a Pain New understudies entering Western Michigan University are permitted to have a vehicle nearby. With each new green beans class entering every year, stopping represents an issue. WMU is now restricted in its leaving nearby and since first year recruits are permitted to have vehicles, the understudies are confronted with the difficulty of having no place to stop or leaving very a long way from their goal. There are stopping issues everywhere throughout the grounds, making reinforcements in home corridor and different parcels, bringing about understudies stopping wrongfully to abstain from strolling far separations, which can be very aggravating in the severe virus. Leaving nearer appears the sane activity, yet it is a hazard, which can bring about several dollars worth of traffic tickets, or having your vehicle toed away. Having a vehicle last semester, it was exceptionally badly arranged for me to leave when it came to heading to class. I was baffled by the measure of tickets I got, making my folks question whether I truly required a vehicle. I may get another vehicle next semester however believe it or not I don’t truly know whether it’s justified, despite all the trouble or not, particularly in case you're living nearby. Riding the transport just includes a shorter stroll to class, and I can as a rule discover rides to different spots from another person. Most understudies be that as it may, do need a vehicle and shouldn’t need to think on the off chance that they should require one on account of the leaving issue nearby. Stopping lawfully by the habitation lobbies is practically inconceivable. Understudies who live at specific residences wind up confronted with the issue of stopping on the opposite side of grounds. Understudies who live in the valleys remark that they are shocked with the various tickets that are composed each day and how it isn’t in every case obviously illuminated where they can stop. They gripe on how some parking spots include protracted strolls in the freezing chilly climate, and how effectively the parcels top off. At whatever point I'm riding with somebody and they need to leave by my corridor or some other, they typically leave in the 30 min leaving and leave their vehicle there for quite a long time, or in the personnel parts to abstain from strolling from the parcel up the slope. These actio... ...the school in the end gets enough subsidizing they could manufacture more understudy parcels in progressively all around found spaces, which would significantly decrease the issue. Expelling certain assigned letter named parking garages would develop an originally start things out served framework for everybody, decreasing the measure of tickets gave. Stopping has become an issue concerning a lot more understudies contrasted with staff. With enough financing, casting a ballot, and difficult work, I feel that in the long run they will consider more approaches to make stopping increasingly helpful for everybody.      Parking has been an issue on Western’s grounds for some time. The truth will surface eventually in the event that it will show signs of improvement or not. The greatest contributing variable is by all accounts that green beans are permitted to have vehicles, making the quandary of upheld parts, leaving elsewhere, or gambling leaving illicitly in different spaces. Rookies will keep on being permitted to have vehicles for the present on the grounds that WMU needs their understudies to have a specific degree of opportunity and settle on their own choices. Acknowledging numerous parts will be sponsored can be a torment however it’s the cost to pay for permitting each understudy to have a vehicle nearby.

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Telehealth in India Experiences of Parents of Children with Autism - Free Essay Example

I am interested in studying the use of technology to support delivery of instruction to train parents of children with Autism in India. India being the second most populous country in the world and home to nearly a fifth of the worlds population does not have an estimate of prevalence of autism (Rudhra et al., 2010). Some experts say that one in 68 children are diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in India (Kumar Best, 2006).With nearly 70% of the population living in rural areas, access to community services for children with Autism is limited. The World Health Organization (WHO) identified geographical factor as the primary barrier for families in rural areas to receive services for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Likewise, most professional services for autism is concentrated in the big cities of India and hence families in rural or remote areas have limited access to evidence-based intervention. Thanks to the Digital Economy initiatives taken by the Indian government, India ranks as the second largest country in internet usage (Kumar Best, 2006). Trailing behind China, it ranks higher than the USA in terms of internet users. Hence, the use of telemedicine technology such as ‘Telehealth’ could[AME2] help families overcome this barrier in a country like India. Telehealth is a delivery model that uses digital information and communication technologies to provide therapeutic services remotely. Technologies include smartphone, mobile internet, mobile apps, videoconferencing, streaming media, and wireless communications. Now, Telehealth can reach out to any users regardless of their location, be it in a large city or any remote part of the country. This is made possible because of advanced technology tools at the hands of the users to include internet-enabled handheld devices, video conferences or live streaming of videos. Taking advantage of technological advances, Telehealth utilizes parents to deliver social interventions to children with ASD. (McDu e et al. 2013; Vismara et al. 2012, 2013; Wainer and Ingersoll 2015). Parent training is an alternative and attractive intervention as it increases teaching opportunities and scope for generalization and reduces treatment cost significantly. As parents are a proficient long-lasting agent of change, it is worthy to invest in parent training. With the advancements in technology it is now possible to provide training over distance which would increase access to evidence-based interventions to families with limited resources in their community. Results of evidence-based interventions are encouraging for Telehealth services in treating disorders and refining the approaches. (Webb et al., 2010). Presently in India there are only two institutions who are using a Telehealth model to deliver Parent training sessions virtually. The enrollment of parents has been increasing steadily and is predicted to continue to grow in the upcoming years. Therefore, I would like to study the experiences of parents of children with Autism using telehealth in India. I believe that qualitative methodology would be an appropriate research strategy because I hypothesize that my data would help me understand the how parents with children with Autism interpret their experiences and what meaning they attribute to their experiences. Since the technology involved in the service delivery will be the same universally, it is important to understand the experiences of individual families in India. I believe that I will need an in-depth data collection system and analysis to understand the practical challenges that are contextual to India’s geography and culture. Study Context The Telehealth model was evaluated using surveys ( Telehealth Provider Satisfaction Survey Telehealth Caregiver Satisfaction Survey Parent Satisfaction Questionnaire, Bearss Bearss, 2017) and rating scale (modified version of the Behavioral Intervention Rating Scale, Wainer and Ingersoll 2014). Overall parents responded favorably to both components of the model online modules and videoconferencing. In response to the survey about the limitations of the program, parents noted challenges associated with the remote coaching sessions including difficulty with accessing the video-conferencing program and difficulty maintaining the child’s engagement in front of the video camera (Wainer and Ingersoll 2014). Although, Telehealth has been studied via Surveys and evaluated by rating scales there are no studies that have attempted to uncover trends in thought and opinions, and dive deeper into the experiences of parents who have been using Telehealth. As mentioned earlier Telehealth seems to be a viable option for parents in India who do not have access to Community based services. Therefore, it is important to understand the experiences of the parents who are using Telehealth in India to be able not only add to literature but also to help inform institutions who are primarily involved in designing the service delivery model. Research Question How do parents of children with Autism interpret their training experiences using Telehealth in India? Research Methods Type of Qualitative Approach The type of qualitative approach that I would like to use is â€Å"Basic Qualitative Study† as I am interested in (a) how people interpret their experiences with Telehealth and what meanings they attribute their experiences. Merriam (2009) describes a basic qualitative research study as having been derived philosophically from constructionism, phenomenology, and symbolic interaction and as being used by researchers who are interested in (1) how people interpret their experiences, (2) how they construct their worlds, and (3) what meaning they attribute to their experiences. The overall purpose is to understand how people make sense of their lives and their experiences (p. 23). Ultimately, the purpose of educational qualitative research is to improve our practice and the basic qualitative research design is particularly well suited to obtain an in-depth understanding of effective educational processes (S. B. Merriam, personal communication, September 5, 2013). Setting and Participants There are currently two institutes in India that have started using Telehealth models to train parents so I plan on interviewing at least 4 parents which can be either the mother or the father. Data Collection Data will be collected via interviews from at least 4 parents in India who have been receiving training via Telehealth. The interviews will be audio recorded and then transcribed for further analysis. The interview will be semi-structured and will included primarily open-ended questions with scope for clarifying questions as and when the need will arise. Data Analysis Data will be Analyzed as suggested by Merriam (2009) which would basically involve identifying recurring themes or patterns supported by the data from which they are derived. Similar patterns that go together will be grouped and categorized. As described by Creswell (2007), following these patterns, I would interpret my findings by drawing links and making sense of the patterns that seem to be building up across the data collected from the participants. Finally, the findings that are relevant to the research question will be represented in tables and figures if applicable. Data Quality/Limitations As Basic Qualitative Research method is criticized to have a self-image biased colonial representation of the findings that researchers may take (Glesne, 2011), steps will be taken to reduce this bias and enhance the Trustworthiness of the study. Data triangulation will be used to show the research study’s findings are credible. Triangulation refers to the use of multiple methods or data sources in qualitative research to develop a comprehensive understanding of phenomena (Patton, 1999). Triangulation also has been viewed as a qualitative research strategy to test validity through the convergence of information from different sources. In order to do accomplish credibility, Analyst triangulation will be employed. This will involve utilizing another analyst to review the findings from my data to illuminate any blind spots in process of Data Analysis. The second strategy that I will use to enhance the Trustworthiness of my study would be Member-checking. I will be sharing my data, interpretations and conclusions with the parents who participate in my study. This will provide the opportunity for parents to clarify their intentions, correct errors and provide any further information. I will also provide an Audit Trail which would include details of every step of data analysis that was made in order to provide a rationale for the decisions made. This will help establish that the research study’s findings accurately portray participants’ responses. Thus, further enhancing the Trustworthiness of the study. Implications This study will examine the service delivery model, Telehealth, as a as a viable alternative and attractive intervention in terms of increased teaching opportunities and enhanced scope for generalization and reduced treatment cost without compromising the quality of care delivered to families. Telehealth may be an effective supplement to traditional, in-person parent training, particularly to geographic areas in India where community services are limited. Benefits to this approach may include reduced cost, lack of travel expenses, convenience and flexibility of online learning, and accessibility to evidence-based interventions. However, not all families will benefit equally from telehealth intervention. When evaluating effectiveness with this type of platform in a country India, it will be critical to assess the breadth of conditions and necessary resources under which a program is successful, the learning and cultural characteristics of parents and children related to success and reliability of high speed internet for video conferencing. Therefore, having an in depth understanding of the experiences of parents with children with Autism undergoing training using Telehealth will not only add to literature but also to help inform institutions who are primarily involved in designing the service delivery model. This study will ultimately help to determine how viable telehealth may be for providing intervention at minimal cost.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

4 Homework Tips to Help You Write an Autobiography Essay Topic

4 Homework Tips to Help You Write an Autobiography Essay TopicWhen you need to write an autobiographical essay, there are a number of topics that will help you. You will want to make sure you choose a topic that is relevant to you and reflects your style and personality. Here are some great topics for you to consider.If you want to start off the essay by talking about a prominent event in your life, such as your wedding, your graduation, or a loved one's death, it is a good idea to write a personal anecdote that is relevant to your topic. It can also be a part of your story or a description of an important event that is never mentioned in your regular life. These will make the reader feel like they are really getting a glimpse into your life, which will add to the impact of your story.For a story that is not about yourself, a favorite book or movie may be a good topic. It is interesting to relate your experiences with other events in your life. By telling an interesting story, it hel ps people relate to you and your experiences. People love to be connected to others so this is a great way to get started.Go to your local public library and check out books on all of your topics. Most library books have small biographies of famous people and things that have happened to them. Reading through these books will give you a lot of ideas. It can also be a great way to learn about interesting topics from history.A famous writer, who wrote the bestseller 'The Sun Also Rises' once said, 'The only thing that will make you stop writing is if the reader stops reading.' Your goal should be to write an entertaining autobiography about what happened in your life, and you will be surprised by how much more enjoyable your story will be when it is shared with others. Start out by sharing your favorite memories. Then move on to sharing the other important events in your life.Take some time out to read a book or magazine about your topic. You will find that people are often interested in what you do for a living. You may be able to share a little of your personal life by telling a few stories about the people you work with, your favorite pastimes, or your favorite hobbies. These types of stories add a lot to your story. Tell them in a funny or interesting way.Writing an autobiography is an easy way to add a little information to your life. When you do so, you will most likely have a very personal and unique story to tell. This is an easy way to get started.